About us

Once upon a time a carver ….....

In 1946 our adventure begins.

After various years working as a carver, in 1946 Mr Ottavio Recalcati establishes his own company beginning the craft work of handles for umbrellas and shoehorns through the use of natural horn and ivory coming from South Africa, unusual woods and natural bamboo.
Till the end of the Sixties, natural horn is the best selling item, however, the increase of costs of raw materials coupled with the introduction of moulding machineries and plastics, change once for all the attitude towards production.
Although the use of new materials, shapes and colors are still linked to the functionality of the original models, by keeping unchanged the quality care.
As changes go on with production, a new market opens abroad:the wide popularity of plastic helps the shoehorns to be welcome in everybody's house and to become a daily object for family use.
The shoehorn starts to be known everywhere and to be popular inside shoe and gift markets, although the requests are different.
Actually, the gift market is always in search of news and different models to propose to the customer; in this way that market represents a test field where to check new products and new colors which afterward will be sold in other markets such as orthopedics.
The growing request of news becomes an incentive to find out more refined articles, such as canes, that are entirely made on our own, which have been spreading out during the last years.
Latest news confirm that more than 70 % of production is exported to ECC, USA and Japan which is a further confirm of high quality products with competitive prices.
Quality and competitiveness are the key words to face and meet the future of all of us. High quality products, always more and more refined items with very competitive prices: this is what people ask and like to buy
High quality and competitive prices are our guarantee brand: OTTAVIO RECALCATI guarantees its production by making products thought, designed, produced and assembled exclusively in Italy


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