Who we are

Our background and the future ..........

We run a family-owned company founded in 1946 by Mr Ottavio Recalcati.
We produce shoehorns, walking and collector's canes.
Our roots in Milano area are deeply connected with tenacity, productivity, seriousness and the restless search of improvement which mirror our attitude.
We are producers as well as our parents and grandparents and all of us have been working with the aim of getting to the best quality of italian products.
We have always been doing our best to make items which can be identified with italian features.
We dream, design, produce and assemble products made on our own.


OTTAVIO RECALCATI di Renato e Antonio Recalcati S.a.s. Via Dante Alighieri, 69 - I-20092 Cinisello B.mo
Phone 0039-02-66.046.022 - Fax 0039-02-66.010.466 - E-Mail - www.recalcati.com - VAT No. IT 00791470966