Classic shape in acetate

Special walking sticks made with classical shapes. Handles are made in acetate of cellulose. This material comes from cotton boll, it is flexible and shock resistant if properly used. Due to its cosy and peculiar look, acetate of cellulose is chosen to produce objects for everyday use, such as hand grips, eye glasses and handles. We use acetate of cellulose to make our handles in ivory style, wood style, black, horn style, tortoise-shell style, blue and transparent. The shaft of canes is made with solid beech wood which is a guarantee of support and duration. Wood is ebony or walnut stained and lacquered with clear coat to protect the shaft. A nickeled or gilded brass ferrule – turned on a lathe - joins up handle and shaft and hides the screw that is inserted in the handle as well as in the shaft. The bottom of the stick is provided with a rubber tip to help in walking. The tip must be removed in case of cutting the shaft as it is possible to shorten the shaft only making a cut there. Each walking stick is placed inside an individual sleeve and then provided with a special gift box made express for it.

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