Ivory style and natural bamboo

These shoehorns have animal handles made in ivory style and the stem in natural bamboo. Material used to draw out the handles and the spoon is acetate of cellulose. The spoon is in horn style. This material comes from cotton boll, it is flexible and shock resistant if properly used. Due to its cosy and peculiar look, acetate of cellulose is chosen to produce objects for everyday use, such as hand grips, eye glasses and handles. The stem of shoehorn is made of natural bamboo and there can be a difference between shoehorns due to the peculiarity of the material. A strap lap coupled with wood colour is placed on the higher part of the stem in order to hang it easily. A gilded brass ferrule – turned on a lathe - joins up handle and stem and hides the screw that is inserted in the handle as well as in the stem. At the bottom, even the spoon is joined up to the wood through a screw inserted in the wood as well as in the spoon and covered with another gilded brass ferrule. Each shoehorn is placed inside an individual sleeve and then provided with a special gift box made express for it.



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