Shoehorns with handles realized through a technopolymer injected in exclusive moulds reproducing models with lots of engraved details, making the lines perfections stand out. Handles are afterwards subjected to coppering and at the end to nickel electroplating which makes the object more precious. The great difference between resin and technopolymer handles is huge: a technopolymer handle if falling down never breaks, while a resin handle breaks into pieces. The bottom of shoehorn is made of acetate of cellulose in tortoise-shell style. Acetate of cellulose comes from cotton boll, it is flexible and shock resistant if used properly. The stem is made with solid beech wood which is a guarantee of support and duration. Wood is ebony stained and lacquered matt to protect the stem. A strap lap coupled with wood colour is placed on the higher part of the stem in order to hang it easily. A nickeled brass ferrule – turned on a lathe - joins up handle and stem and hides the screw that is inserted in the handle as well as in the stem. At the bottom, even the spoon is joined up to the wood through a screw inserted in the wood as well as in the spoon and covered with another nickeled brass ferrule. Each shoehorn is placed inside an individual sleeve and then provided with a special gift box made express for it.

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