Classic shoehorn

 Medium length shoehorn with classic shape handles fit for all. Handles are made of acetate of cellulose in various finishing and colours. Acetate of cellulose comes form cotton boll, it is cosy ...

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Country shoehorns

Medium length shoehorn with animal shape handles made in acetate of cellulose in wood finishing.. Acetate of cellulose is cosy to sight and touch, it is flexible and shock resistant if properly ...

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Elegance shoehorn

Medium length shoehorn with animal shape handles made in technopolymer and nickeled. Available coupled with a stem in strong beech wood ebony lacquered and polished matt and with a short spoon ...

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Shoehorn Kiddy

Medium size shoehorn made with funny and gentle shapes, fit for those who love items with simple and roundish lines, to be hanged in every place of the house. The handle is coupled with a shaft of ...

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